Pending home sales drop for third consecutive month

Pending home sales dropped in May for the third consecutive month, and now the National Association of Realtors says the housing market could be topping off. But this drop varies not only by geographical region, but changes significantly from the bottom end of home prices to the high end.

Americans regain confidence in June

After wavering slightly the month before, Americans grew more confident in June. A new survey found consumers are more confident in current economic conditions, however, they are less sure about their short-term economic outlook.

Hey homebuilders, Canadian lumber tariffs could jump nearly 30%

U.S. Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross announced a new proposed Canadian lumber tariff that would stack on top of the tariff announced back in April on Canadian softwood lumber imported into the U.S. Why is this important? Softwood lumber is the type primarily used in home construction. As a result, the National Association of Home Builders says the steep increase would have a drastic financial impact on homebuilders and homebuyers.

Can anything slow down rising home prices?

Not surprisingly, the Case-Shiller home prices index showed an increase in home prices in April from the previous month and last year as competition grows among homebuyers. Now, experts explain home prices will be slow to react to any market changes, and will not change their upward trend anytime soon. However, at least one economist disagrees.

Case Shiller: Home prices can’t climb without limit

Home prices increased once again in April, though at a slower pace than the previous month. The S&P Dow Jones Indices’ managing director explained home prices cannot continue to increase without limit. But will home price gains gently slow or will they crash and take the economy down with them?

Black Knight home price index hits all-time high

Home prices increased across the U.S. to a new all-time high, according to Black Knight’s Home Price Index. One state stands out above the rest as it contains five of the top six metros with the most home price acceleration in April.